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Hello guys. I am Joel POLNEAU, founder of Digital freehands, a digital freelance agency that gathers freelancers from different countries and expertises. We have decided to take active role in the booming digital marketing industry by helping Brands and Businesses penetrate their market by reaching their customers and generate profit and long-term success. At Digital freehands, we believe that the past can't be changed, but the future is yet in your power. Let's work together and create magic.

Our work

Here is what I can do for you

Mobile Apps Dev.

Beautifully designed with care and latest tech compatibility


Freelance digital freehands-mobile app



Video Design

For social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Ads and campaigns

360/ explainer video/ vertical/ 3D/ cinematograph/Explainer videos

Social Media Management

Reach out the right audience and get them engage with the quality of your content you are providing

Facebook/ Instagram/ LinkedIn / Google+



Responsive Website

Establish a trusty relationship with amazing website and let your audiences meet you and engage from any platform, mobiles, tablets, computers

Designed with any platform


Sell your products and services online with throughout the world with secure and quick payment methods

Professionally designed and secured



freelance digital strategy

Inbound Marketing

Shifting from a traditional to digital practices can sometimes appeared to be hectic. We help you design the right strategy and teach you step by step use the right path

Best digital tools and trends 


Let your logo talk about you and your brand delivers the best impression

Colours & design aligned with your ideas